About Us

Mission Statement

 To enhance the well-being of women by providing a safe space to explore self-expression and their human potential through experiential , creative exercises and sensual movement  which leads them to empowerment, healing and transformation from within, so that they can ignite their femininity, love them selves completely, build a strong social community to a attain  mind-body-spirit FREEDOM

The Goddess In Motion Institute  teaches and empowers women worldwide how to activate their feminine (energy) essence and presence through body movement, dance development, fitness, personal development business development, feminine leadership and  spiritual development.  

It is through our unique whole health and wellness services we support and train women on how to improve their health and wellness from the inside out. 

We are aware of  all 5 levels of our human experience and that contribute to our human potential. 

Our mental, emotional, physical,spiritual and social.  

We provide tools that allow for transformation of  your  mindset, emotional wellbeing, physicality, spirituality and relationships.  Let us  assist you with creating a positive  body image, boosts yourself confidence and immune system.  Let us share with you how you can  create a business that you  love and that is unique as they are, so  that you can create the lifestyle and legacy that you desire.

 It is here that you will develope holistic health, feminine leadership  and business practices that allow you to release the limitations and false beliefs that are holding them back in love, life and business.  At GIM The New GIM for Women you will learn how to  maximum your self expression, connect to your moving body and your  pleasure, get clear on your passions (the things that matter most to you in your life and business) We provide  powerful transformational whole health experiences, events, programs, workshops, coaching and retreats all for you to elevate your human potential and experience. Isnt it time for you to find out who you are, why you are here and be the best version of you that you can BE? I believe its time!

 Its time for you to experience  more health in your body, more peace in your mind, more love, joy and fulfillment in your relationships, more pleasure, passion, purpose and satisfaction in your life and business. 

We are offering a Facilitator Training this summer based off our extremely popular and transformative movement programs  Goddess In Motion Method and Bodies In Motion Method. Find our more below. And find our how you can monetize your passion for dance.

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