Nadirah"s not only an Speaker, she's known for moving you, keynote speaker

Check out this great video @ Ambre youth inspired event 

Keynote Speaker and Speakers Coach



Nadirah is the #1 Speaker on Feminine Leadership.  

 Leading Authority on the healing power of belly dance known               

for her  passion in inspiring, motivating, and moving  her audience through heart left story telling,  performance  and movement exercises that create a powerful and memorable experience for her audiences and leave her audiences and sponsors wanting more.


If you set people in motion they will heal themselves. 

Nadirah is asked to speak, perform and facilitate movement for massive state changes 

at Speaking Events, Corporate Events, Wellness Events and Entrepreneur Events 


Workshops and Pannels



Topic: How to Magnetize Your Audience 

At this speaking event names were anonuomous 

  1. When you walked on stage you looked so beautiful, confident and intriguing.  You mesmerized us. The dress you wore was so feminine.  Your talk inspired me to do belly dancing and improve my body.

2 Loved your dress, great energy " grounded" Great stage presence.

3. Loved how you showed people they judge immediately and talked about over coming cancer, very moving.

4.Excelent presence.  a lot of information in a short time to connect to your audience and let them love you. your beautiful inside and out.

Speaker Coach

Work with Nadirah so that you can Authentically Captivate Enchant and Move Your Audience

  •  Sensual Movement Makeover for Speakers 
  • Become The Greatest Showman/Showwoman
  • The Goddess in Motion Formula to Authentically Captivate ~Enchant and Move Your Audience
  • Body and Energy Analysis 
  • Effective Communication
  • Body Awareness ,Confidence, and body language

Email me for your complimentary 15 minute call to see which program best serves you in assisting you in reaching your goals.

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