Laughter is good medicine laughter yoga

400 times a day, compared to adults who laugh 15 to 17 times a day.

The benefits of laughter yoga are many, partly why it’s considered a form of yoga.

  • It’s an aerobic exercise, where 100 laughs equal 10 minutes of rowing, giving our internal organs a massage.
  • Laughter strengthens the immune system, releases feel-good endorphins and lowers blood pressure.
  • Deeper breathing oxygenates the blood.
  • Laughter also brings people together. It helps to open our hearts and feel connected, first with each other, then with ourselves, our body, mind, emotions and spirit.
  • With regular laughter also comes the ability to renew one’s sense of humor, get in touch with the inner child and increase feelings of joy. Children have fun and we need to give ourselves permission to be silly, through which we release inhibitions and learn to laugh again.

How can you experience the benefits of Laughter Yoga?

  1. You can join us every Friday morning from 9:30 -10:30 am at the Imperial Beach Library
  2. You can contact us and we can facilitate a  Laughter Yoga program at your event or facility 

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